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Security News

Vermont Librarian Wins Small-Claims Suit Against Equifax

15-06-18 In a David-and-Goliath moment, the 49-year-old librarian has won satisfaction in the wake of its head-spinningly massive 2017 data breach.

WannaCry Kill Switch Hero Faces New Charges, But Code Evals Say Little

15-06-18 The Feds say Marcus Hutchins is behind both the UPAS Kit backdoor and the Kronos banking trojan.

New Banking Trojan Can Launch Overlay Attacks on Latest Android Versions

15-06-18 While other malware families have been searching for new overlay techniques for Android 7 and 8, MysteryBot appears to have found a solution.

Apple Removes iPhone USB Access Feature, Blocking Out Hackers, Law Enforcement

14-06-18 The move escalates tensions between the phone giant and federal law enforcement when it comes to mobile security.

U.S. Intelligence Cautions World Cup Travelers on Mobile Use

14-06-18 World Cup travelers should leave their mobile phones, laptops and tablets behind.

Podcast: The Growing Social Media Threat Landscape

14-06-18 How can we keep up with the social media threat landscape as it grows to include more malware, hacks and scams? We discuss on the latest Threatpost podcast.

Malicious Docker Containers Earn Cryptomining Criminals $90K

13-06-18 Researchers said over a dozen malicious docker images available on Docker Hub allowed hackers to earn $90,000 in cryptojacking profits.

Microsoft Reveals Which Bugs It Won’t Patch

13-06-18 A draft document lays out its criteria for addressing various flaws and notes the exceptions.

Two Bugs in WordPress Tooltipy Plugin Patched

13-06-18 The bugs include a reflected cross-site scripting glitch and a cross-site request forgery vulnerability.

Banco de Chile Wiper Attack Just a Cover for $10M SWIFT Heist

13-06-18 The wiper malware affecting 9,000 workstations and 500 servers inside Chile’s largest financial institution turns out to have been a distraction.

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