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Security News

Mozilla Wants to Drop WoSign as Trusted CA

27-09-16 Mozilla has proposed banning new SHA-1 certificates from Chinese Certificate Authority WoSign for one year after it accused the CA of back-dating the deprecated certs.

Signal Adds iPhone Access to Desktop App

27-09-16 iPhone users can now use Signal’s secure messaging app between their iOS device and their Mac OS or Windows desktops.

Facebook Debuts Open Source Detection Tool for Windows

27-09-16 Facebook finished porting its SQL-powered detection tool, osquery, to Windows this week.

New Google Tools Help Devs Improve Content Security Policy Protection

27-09-16 Google released CSP Evaluator and CSP Mitigator to aid developers in building better Content Security Policy protections for web applications.

Sofacy APT Targeting OS X Machines with Komplex Trojan

26-09-16 APT gang Sofacy is targeting Mac OS X users with a Trojan that allows an attacker to execute remote commands on infected systems.

Questions Mount Around Yahoo Breach

26-09-16 Crypto company Venafi points out potential holes in Yahoo's processes and policies around cryptography and digital certificates, any of which could have been exploited in the breach to move data off the Yahoo network.

Hancitor Downloader Abusing APIs, PowerShell Commands

26-09-16 Developers behind the malicious downloader Hancitor have bolstered the malware again, this time with new delivery approaches that make it more difficult to detect.

MarsJoke Ransomware Targets .EDU, .GOV Agencies

26-09-16 Researchers have identified a new ransomware strain that spoofs tracking services via spam messages and contain URLs that link to malicious files.

OpenSSL Fixes Critical Bug Introduced by Latest Update

26-09-16 OpenSSL’s most recent update introduced a critical vulnerability in the crypto library, forcing an emergency update today.

OpenSSL Patches High-Severity OCSP Bug, Mitigates SWEET32 Attack

23-09-16 OpenSSL patched a high-severity vulnerability in its deployment on the Online Certificate Status Protocol, and also mitigated the SWEET32 attack.

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