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Security News

Dyn DDoS Work of Script Kiddies, Not Politically Motivated Hackers

25-10-16 Researchers at Flashpoint said Friday's DDoS attack against DNS provider Dyn was likely the work of script kiddies and not advanced attackers.

Following Lull, New Campaigns Pushing Retooled ‘Pumpkin’ Locky

25-10-16 Researchers said they observed three separate spam campaigns pushing an updated version of Locky on Monday.

Apple Patches iOS Flaw Exploitable by Malicious JPEG

25-10-16 Apple on Monday rolled out dozens of patches including ones for its recently released Sierra operating system, OS X, iOS 10.1, watchOS, and Apple TV’s tvOS, along with fixes for Safari.

Election Leaks Failed to Move Needle on Polls

25-10-16 The barrage of information leaks, state-sponsored espionage and hacktivism related to the U.S. presidential election has had a mixed bag of effects on the race and voter confidence.

Find Your Keys, Lose Your Privacy

25-10-16 Small Bluetooth-enabled trackers from TrackR, iTrack and Nut are the latest connected devices to pose a privacy risk to users.

St. Jude Faces New Claim Heart Implants are Hackable

24-10-16 In a lawsuit against short seller Muddy Waters and security firm MedSec, plaintiff St. Jude Medical faces fresh claims that its heart devices are vulnerable to hacks.

Chinese Manufacturer Recalls IOT Gear Following Dyn DDoS

24-10-16 Millions of IP-enabled cameras built on gear manufactured by Hangzhou Xiongmai of China is being recalled after DDoS attacks powered by compromised IOT devices took down a major DNS provider last week.

Fake Microsoft Installer Leads to Malware, Support Call Scam

24-10-16 An installer purporting to be Microsoft Security Essentials is malware that can lead to a support call scam.

Rowhammer Vulnerability Comes to Android

24-10-16 Researchers have demonstrated how the PC-based Rowhammer attack also works against Android devices.

Mirai-Fueled IoT Botnet Behind DDoS Attacks on DNS Providers

22-10-16 Ten percent of the 550,000 IoT nodes in the Mirai botnet are involved in ongoing DDoS attacks against DNS provider Dyn and others.

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