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Security News

Experts Doubt Hackers’ Claim Of Millions Of Breached Apple Credentials

25-03-17 Security experts say they are skeptical that a group called Turkish Crime Family actually possess a cache of hundreds of millions of Apple iCloud account credentials.

Privacy Advocates Vow to Fight Rollback of Broadband Privacy Rules

24-03-17 Privacy activists say rolling-back ISP privacy rules means health, financial and browsing habits can be used, shared and sold to the highest bidder without consent.

Instagram Adds Two-Factor Authentication

24-03-17 Instagram became the latest in a long line of services over the years to offer users two-factor authentication.

Threatpost News Wrap, March 27, 2017

24-03-17 The latest Wikileaks dump of Apple hacking tools, the LastPass vulnerabilities, and a new Android security report are discussed.

Adware Apps Booted from Google Play

24-03-17 More than a dozen apps removed from Google Play store after it was determined they were overly aggressive adware.

WikiLeaks Dump Shows CIA Interdiction of iPhone Supply Chain

23-03-17 Today's WikiLeaks Vault 7 Dark Matter release shows the CIA's capabilities to attack and persist on Apple iPhone and Mac firmware and an apparent interdiction of the iPhone supply chain.

Cisco Patches Critical IOx Vulnerability

23-03-17 Cisco Systems patched a critical vulnerability that could give an attacker root privileges to software running on two of its IoT router models.

Malware That Targets Both Microsoft, Apple Operating Systems Found

23-03-17 A new strain of malware is designed to spread malware on either Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, depending on where it’s opened.

Half of Android Devices Unpatched Last Year

23-03-17 Google said half of Android devices are unpatched and that percentage of potentially harmful apps on phones installed from all sources rose in 2016.

Paper Spells Out Tech, Legal Options for Encryption Workarounds

23-03-17 Bruce Schneier and Orin Kerr have written a paper that explains the technological and legal issues associated with six encryption workarounds available to law enforcement.

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